What is the LiveCard and how do I use it?

The LiveCard is your membership card and proof of membership. Simply show your LiveCard at participating merchants to receive your discount.

How do I activate my membership?

Your member number is printed on the back of your LiveCard. Go to LiveCardOffers.com or download The LiveCard Mobile App to activate.

Is activation required for use?

Activation is not required for use of the LiveCard. However, activation is required for use of our Theme Park offers on LiveCardOffers.com.

What are the benefits of LiveCardOffers.com and the Mobile App?

Our website and mobile app provide the most up to date merchant information, including new offers and discounts available in other areas.

Can I use discounts at participating merchants in other cities?

Yes! Membership allows access to 100% of our discount network, regardless of city.

What happens when my membership expires"?

When your membership expires your LiveCard will no longer be valid for use. Renew your membership or purchase membership card(s) at LiveCardOffers.com.